Ella is one of the most amazing girls i have ever, ever met, she means a hell of a lot to me, usually blonde, curly haired and good looking, has lush blue eyes, and is just generally amazing, any boy would want her, one of the most amazing smiles ever! even though she thinks she isnt any good, she is, she has tiny hands, and is always cold! give her a hug and she will warm up, has a lot of friends even though she an be quite quiet with new people. She has a huge heart and can show that to her closests friends, if you are ever lucky enough to have her, always be good to her, and never let her go, i love her!!
Steve: "hey look at ella"
Tim: "yeah she is awesome"
Steve: "she is"
Tim: "i wish she loved me"
by cdfgher February 08, 2013
amazing, peng she's like sex on legs
OMG look at that Ella...
ikr dnt u just wanna get in that
by sexiest godess 123 August 20, 2011
Is an incredible person who normally has great body and good taste in men!
Damn she's fit, what an Ella!
by JakeyShakey October 15, 2013
An attractive, athletic girl. usually blonde and reasonably tall.
moderately busty with gorgeous legs and tight buns and abs. almost always gives amazing head and is a god in the bedroom, if you are successful in seducing her....
guy 1: Dude that chick was such an Ella
guy 2: Yeah bro, i just wanted to spread her pins and pound it
by josslepossle August 01, 2011
ella is amazing :)
the best friend anyone could ever ask for, unlike some other people.
ella is the best. FTFW
by plaoy June 25, 2008
A short, medium figured girl with a passion for food. She doesn't cook, but every chance she gets, she will eat. If someone tries to take her food, she might take your hand off. She loves hair makeup, and judges people's eyebrows. If they're not on point, she doesn't talk to that person. She also likes to draw, and she points out how many awards she gets for it a lot. She makes weird faces all the time. Most people think she a little weird but the right people know that Ella is kind, gentile, and adventurous!
"I Ella!"
"Do you have food? Oh my God this Ramen is on point but not Laura's eyebrows!"
by Cattiecatcat January 27, 2015
Ela. A strong independent young woman who LOVES! it when people take their anger out on her cause it gives her a chance to release all the anger she has built up inside. Shes not all bad though, shes funny, intelligent, cool to talk to, has a great sense of humor and a great personality. She loves to party hard and lives her life to the fullest. She hates, like absolutly hates fake people and two faces. Shes the most realist person youd ever meet so dont piss her off or talk shit behind her back cause your jelouse of her or give her an excuse to ditch yo ass for being a fake fuck cause shell leave and wont think twice about coming back.
Girl 1: that girls cool, who is she?

Girl 2: yeah, she is but dont mess with her, thats ella.
by FuckYoFurr August 02, 2014

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