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Is an incredible person who normally has great body and good taste in men!
Damn she's fit, what an Ella!
by JakeyShakey October 15, 2013
2 5
Loves animals. Slightly weird but loved for it.VERY AWESOME. Medium blond hair, blue eyes and more freckles than you could ever count!!!
Doesn't accept her true beauty, inside and out. Sweetest and nicest person you will ever meet and the best friend you could ever wish for, the easiest person to talk to about anything.
Guy 1: omg I'm so jealous of her BF
Guy2: I know right! She is so nice, and hot!
Girl1: Ella is so pretty, I wish I was as pretty as her!
Girl2: I'm so jealous of her friends, she is so nice.
by Lolololololol April 11, 2013
2 6
Girl with long, curly blonde hair. Likes long walks on the beach and horseback riding. Though she is probably allergic to them. Most likely a HUGE pothead on probation. But is still a down to earth hippie person.
She's totttttttally a pothead, MUST be a Ella.
by jannette April 26, 2012
5 10
She is an amazing girl!

Ella is nice sweet caring funny SHE HAS YHE BEST PERSONALITY and has the best, best friends!

She loves blue eyes and she likes the way guys smell

She truley is gorgeous she always gets the dicks and the guys!

She has dark brown eyes with dark brown hair with dimples! Mwa she's a perfect girl any guy will be lucky to have her, she is out of everyone's league even the super hotties! She hates most people but loves loads of people she has her eye on this one blue eyed fellow and they would be cute together! Ella has massive boobs and every guys wants her she is a heart breaker not the heart broken! Her best friends love her and never want to loose her Ella is that kind of friend that once you have her you will never loose her! Ella is stubborn, spoilt, strong minded and full of energy she even takes energy out of others! Ella is a massive bitch in a good way she doesn't care about anything and if she hates you I'm sure you will know!! She loves her haters and loves her enemy's!

She's easy going and easy to get along with! If Ella wants you to do something she will keep on begging you until you do it

Over all Ella is fucking sexy and is a sex god !!! And she gets what ever she wants when she wants !
brody *oh I wish I could have Ella she has massive boobs and an amazing smile*

bailey *i know she is a sex god and I want her pusspuss*
by Haayleyy September 18, 2013
2 9
loves big things eg horses and big college boys, she snogs big boys and her best friend is also big, so basically she just loves big things.never had a boyfreined in her life but will make out with big boys in the dark.
im starting to like the big guys I think I am becoming a Ella.
by butt69face69 December 17, 2011
6 20
a girl thats a supper hottie, with a huge ass BADANKADONK. just kidding she has no butt. hahah kind of awkward and queer though. loves to sswim with badass sharks because they wont eat her. and loves wearing sports bras. EVEN WITH DRESSES. kind of a freak but a good friend. also gets burnt like a tomoatto when out in the sun.
Hey look that chicks a total ELLA shes wearing a sports bra with a dress
8 24
a slang term derived from Rhianna's song Umbrella. Refers to any person place or thing etc. Can also be added as a suffix to the end of any word, these are known as "ella-isms"
Pass the chedderella cheese...call me when you are done at your conferencella... man that girl was such a bitcherella, skankerella...hey, you, buy me and my friends a round of drinkerellas.
by Ashley Staples September 05, 2007
82 100