brown haired beauty who is kind and crazy always on top of things and uis very smart (w/ a big booty) supa fly and enjoys the arts bite me
ella: hey

alex: ur hot
by snake so June 17, 2010
Ella is an adorably awkward amazing girl. She has a hilarious laugh and is very intelligent, though a bit over confident. She can never make up her mind about things and tends to over analyze life. Ella gets worked up or mad about things that aren't a bid deal. She's honest and a good friend, but people have to get to know her to understand her coolness. She needs a guy that will take the lead, because of her awkwardness and shyness. In addition, many weird guys tend to like her.
J: Ella did the most awkward thing today.
L: Awwwww
by SwarleySkyeLucygoosey December 03, 2011
1. Memember of the Chinese/Taiwanese Pop-group, S.H.E.

2. Outgoing and funny with a very "down to earth" personality.

3. Likes natural beauty- doesn't wear heavy makeup and do cosmetic surgery is still GORGEOUS.
Ella is a member of S.H.E, who has won numerous singing awards and actress nominations.

by Selenabelle March 04, 2009
A girl that no one really knows and no one will ever figure out. Ella's always have amazing eyes, the kind that you don't notice right away. These girls are a LOT smarter than they act, and good with words. Ella's are often insecure and depressed, but they are amazing at hiding it from other people. And most prominently, Ella is beautiful.
Devin: Damn, who's that girl? Is she new here?
Jo: Yeah, she moved last week. Needless to say, she's an Ella.
by x_bleachh February 27, 2013
Princess, beautiful, kind, loving good natured.
All round perfect girl
Usually short
Good at everything
Lacks confidence
Loves cuddles
Adored by all that know her
Homely type
When she parties... She really parties!
Fun to have around
Fault less
Most girls hate her as they are jealous of ellas
Perfect friend or girlfriend or wife or mother
Generally all round great person

From the olde english word perfection
OMG I wish I was Ella

Yes my boyfriend left me because he met Ella

Oh wow did u see that ella girl

I wish I could be as patient as ella
by fairyprincess69 October 01, 2011
1 A girl usually with brown hair and green eyes.. kind at heart and sweet animals love her. She has tons of friends and is sweet to everyone.
2Has a difficult time with boys but will soon get over it when she matures
3a hot woman with a big smile
Sarah: Who's the new girl?
Jane: Shes such an Ella! I need to hang out with her!! :)
by gabgabbie27 June 29, 2010
A very stunning young lady who is admired by all for her wit and general awesomeness. Loves easily, falls hard,
which some people say is a flaw, but is really a plus. Talks alot about guys, and rightly so, because she has alot
of attention from them. Loves shopping, makeup, and other girly things. Absolutely breathtaking. Quite sexy, but

usually down plays her looks because she feels uncomfortable around guys staring at her chest. A great friend, a
sometimes finds her self in difficult situations. All around an amazing girl.
Boy 1: I wanna date her, she's an ella!

by dookiemama July 22, 2011
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