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The hick town of hicks. You can go from town down the street a few miles and be at farms. A lot of kids try to be preppy but with a accent. Population of about 8,000 people. Dandelions are considered flowers. And where pig wrestling is a sport. Full of jerk drivers, pot heads, and a guy named Sunny who sits in a lawn chair outside of the highschool.

The dumb place where people will steal a 3 dollar energy drink and end up paying 300 dolars for getting cought. A lot of whores in this place.

When walking into school expect pictures of dead deer on teachers desks because they LOVE to hunt.

"hey wanna go crawfish hunting at Elkhorn lake?!?!"

by Hedja February 24, 2008
To act butthurt a numerous amount of times for no particular reason
When the cups were changed on the fence they Elkhorned
by isupportfreefood123 November 09, 2013
Elk Horn is a small Danish town, located in Iowa. Home to the Danish Windmill. The people of Elk Horn are friendly and really welcoming. The sports program at Elk Horn-Kimballton is outstanding, in my oppinion. If you were to walk in the halls of Elk Horn Kimballton Community School while kids were in between classes, you wouldn't see gangs. You wouldn't see students shoving insults at eachother and cussing. You would hear kids chattering "Hello", because everyone knows everyone in that school. You would also notice this guy named Zach, just because he's soo tall(6'5"). You would see teachers standing at their doors with friendly looks on thier faces. You would also notice Jen's gorgeous face. If you don't, you're blind, because it's absolutly breathtaking. Anyways, the closeness of all the students is what makes the sport teams so successful. This kindness is also demonstated throughout the town.

Elk Horn is a very pleasant town, and you should visit it someday.
I want to raise my children in Elk Horn, Iowa.
by elkhornlover5432 February 10, 2011

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