With emerald green eyes, of perfection, that penetrate the mind, body, and soul that make for a complete seductive force, that can't be resisted. And there's nothing better, or more important.

It's undoubtedly, Elise.

There's no example, or explination for her level or beauty, or perfection.
by Your love, April 17, 2009
Top Definition
Cool person. People like her cause she doesnt follow crowds. she's just her. Good athlete, personality etc
She's an elise!
by WiishesYeahh October 08, 2008
perfection, pure perfection.
hi, i'm elise. god sent me. i'm here for the booze. i'd really like to fuck that sexy ass boy devin. he's a cutie.
by Devin :] September 22, 2006
The best person that there is. She is gorgeous, funny, smart, and caring. She's and excellent kisser and girlfriend. She is bound for great things.
You see that amazing person over there? That's Elise!
by atldan March 14, 2010
A sexy combination of shyness, emo, and ass kicking. Spends at least 45 minutes on hair every day and is still never satisfied, even though it looks gorgeous.
My Chemical Romance is so elise

That hair product was meant just for elise's
by Ella, Ella McDaid July 26, 2006
cool name for a unique girl. she's cool, fun to be around, is the librarian by day and personal porn star by night, sweet, and passionate as hell. if you hate your kid/ future kid, name her this, because people will constantly find stupid ways to mispronounce it as if its spelt as "Elseey".
Teacher: "Adam?"
Adam: "Here."
Teacher: "Lena?"
Lena: "Here."
Teacher: "Elseey??? Did I say it right?"
Elise: "Woman, it's pronounced: Elise. Just like it's spelt. Don't you see an "i" in there??"
Teacher: "My apologies" *shunns self*
by People mispronounce my name. April 06, 2010
is a name for a woman who is astonishingly beautiful. Her hair varies from blonde to brunette. She is a kind hearted person, who is driven, and motivated, but still finds time to help others. She can be a little shy and awkward, but it's always the in the sexiest way. Elise's rarely cause conflict and are friendly with everyone. In addition, they usually have a hot ass and a perfect rack.
Guy 1: "Have you seen Elise tonight?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she accidentally spilled her drink on that guy over there. She just wiped his chest and he moved in for a kiss. Classic"
Guy 1: "Damn it! I love Elise. I'm going to find her."
Guy 2: "Good luck dude, everyone here is already after her."
by isnotsubordinate December 06, 2010
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