The kind of person you just can't live without, an Elise doesn't care about the hate on the outside although inside she is very delicate. She tells the worst jokes and has the best hair. An Elise makes everyone's life worth living.
"I wish I has Elise's Hair..."
by EliseTamsin May 12, 2013
A beautiful, hilarious, kind girl. She's a little clueless and clumsy at times, but she's actually really smart. Has a lot of guy friends and feels very comfortable around guys. She's very deep and has a past that she likes to keep a secret. If Elise tells you one of her biggest secrets, she must REALLY trust you. Sometimes has trust issues and has a hard time letting people in when she feels like they will hurt her. Wants nothing but loyalty in a man and is the type of girl who will change you for the best. Gives the best hugs and loves receiving them. She's the type to have a best friend, a few scattered friends, and a clique. She's the one you want to call when you're upset or just need to get something off your chest. Always ends up being the hot girl at class reunions and makes her ex boyfriends regret ever leaving her. Has an expensive fashion taste. Often ends up more successful than her friends. Always dates boys with names like Matthew, Tyler, Ryan, and Dylan. (pretty scary)

Extremely good kisser. (Always finds a way to leave u breathless (; ) A natural at anything sexual. Always stays classy, though. The type of woman you want to marry. Gives great fashion, love, and any type of advice. Don't try to deny your feelings for her, give it up man. She'll be there for you at your best and worst. She is so clueless sometimes, it's hilarious. She has a great sense of humor and she will always be honest with you. She's a keeper.
Dylan: Elise is so gorgeous!
Matt: dude I know I feel like she's so easy to talk to
Ryan: Man I'd like to get to know her better
Tyler: wow
Jacob: you guys are crazy about that girl. Is her name Elise?
Matt: yeah
Jacob: oh yeah, she's definitely your type.
by haybae6 February 02, 2015
Elises are sexy, smart, and wonderful people! They are a book nerd by day and a fire cracker by night. Most will overlook them at first but once you get to know them you can't help but love them. They also usually have a nice ass.
Man, that girl is an Elise, I'd tap that.
by RyanCrow January 15, 2013
A Amazing person who stands up for what she believes in. She will stick by her friends no matter what. she is pretty but don't believe it when people tell her she's pretty. She has amazing family and her bestfriend Jodie is sexy... she is also a fanny
A person Elise
by JOJAJOJAPANTSxXxbabe November 29, 2011
A pretty girl, who looks best with brown eyes. She attracts a lot of guys, but they don't admit it. She likes food. A lot of food.
Me: Are you hungry? I'll grab something from the cupboard.

*Me walks to the cupboard and opens the door*
Me: oh my god, sorry Elise. I didn't mean to disturb your feeding time.
Elise: Thats okay. Just don't do it again. I'll be out in an hour.
by ilovem&ms June 29, 2014
A very sweet car, produced by Lotus.
UNF! That Lotus Elise is hot!
by mogulmonster April 02, 2004
Some Sexy Mother Fucker.
woah shes hot.

yeah her names elise.
by s3xym0th3rFu(k3r December 08, 2011
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