Abnormal size of an object. Frequently referring to the size of testicles or ass.

See also (E.S.S.) Enlarged Scrotum Syndrome.
Taking steroids will keep elephantitus of the testicles in check.
by Vektor December 08, 2003
Top Definition
Elephantitus is a condition where the infected part of the body grows abnormally in size.
That muslim fuck with the ball sack that looked like a space hopper.
by Finch January 14, 2005
(the incorrect spelling of the word ''elephantiasis'')
adj. derived from the infectious disease elephantiasis which results in mass enlargement of bodily parts. in slang terms it refers to the large girth of the penis and/or testicles in normal males.
girl one: steve has a massive case of elephantitus!
girl two: thats crazy, coz he has really small hands
by mx5 May 04, 2006
When your balls are too big for your sac and you can't close your legs because they are more than 5 inches long
I have elephantitus and my girlfriend agrees
by iluvtizzles February 17, 2009
large and heavy testicles or nuts, when you walk they tend to tug on your scrotum, sometimes u need a pulley system to keep them from ripping off your nutsack.
Song: "..And the bouncers don't check us, and we..Walk around with elephantitus."
by forte~pwnz February 13, 2005
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