Claiming more importance/priority for the sake of it.
Enjoy my elephanting OP
by Not OP November 29, 2010
Top Definition
The act of putting your hand behind your back in between your legs and jacking off; After you cum you shake your dick like an elephants trunk and screaming.
Me: Why didn't Ben come to school today?
Friend: He was Elephanting all night yesterday.
by Iamthebest22 March 07, 2009
Placing a small elephant toy, especially a stuffed animal, on one's head (referring to a person's skull) or other body part, without dropping it or dislodging it from place. Person can be sitting, standing, cart-wheeling, walking on their hands, or other.
Callie distracted her friends from their homework by elephanting on her bed as she typed up an essay.

"Jorge, quit elephanting!"
by Lifant November 07, 2011
you put a garden hose up your pants and threw the top hole of your t-shirt then duck tape the garden hose to your forhead like an elephant. knock on friends door with hose off. then get one more friend to randomly turn hose on and off while you stomp around in the home making elephant sound and you bring a few peanuts to ranndomly liter the floor - against rules to quit without friend kinking your elephant hose
we went elephanting at gerreal's house. gerreal had an elephant
by elephanting November 10, 2014
when you are smoking weed with two pipes and one joint and the two pipes are at each corner of your mouth and the joint is in the middle so it looks like two tusks and a trunk
look over there jeff is elephanting it
by ltalian Stalion October 14, 2009
A very fun and hilarious thing to do. Need muchos maracas to do it.
How To Do Elephanting

1st Stage

Boy to girl: Hey gorgeous want to see my elephant?

Girl: What? ... yeah okay then.

2nd Stage And Final Stage

Boy pulls pockets out of his jeans unzips jeans and pulls his cock out!! Hey presto you have the Elephant.
by Mac2010 January 27, 2010
The invigorating and erotic action of a group gathering around a baby elephant and ejaculating on it. The elephant is then forced to drink and shoot the semen out of the blow-hole on it's trunk.

**This method may be used on humans but it will result in a smaller splash radius***
Jack and the boys are going out on a safari to go elephanting on Eli the elephant
by Slobber Knocker October 17, 2015
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