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1.Hebrew name for a man meaning God forever,(El, short for Elohim meaning God and Ad meaning forever).

2. Hebrew name that sounds similar to the English phrase "a lot".
I know a Jewish guy named Elad.

Elad believes Bon Jovi and other famous singers such as Eddie Vedder sing about him.
Bon Jovi- "Hold on to what we got. It doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. We got each other and that's "ELAD" ohhohh.

by M.A.P. February 25, 2008
1. Boy with crazy hair that he needs to straight iron
2. Boy with flamboyant hair that skates
3: Little Man boy with big hair
"Myaaaaaaaaaan he's a elad"
by sprinklesz123 August 05, 2012