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Affectionate nickname for the brilliant and eccentric Rush Limbaugh.
El Rushbo didn't think much of Arnold, at first.
by cornholio October 16, 2003
Conservative synonym for a fat sack of crap.
Dick: Did you listen to El Rushbo today?
Joe: I always listen to your shits, Dick. It's a big fucking deal.
by Bigfuckingdeal March 25, 2010
A sex act where 2 boys put their penises in a pedophile's ears. It has been known to cause deafness.
F: I just heard that guy's nickname is "El Rushbo". It's funny that he is so anti-health care when he's such a fat pig himself. Perhaps he's afraid that Universal Healthcare coverage will force him to give up his God-given right to be fat (and become a burden to the healthcare system).

U: Whatever. He's just a jerk.

Doesn't he know that "El Rushbo" is a sex act that can cause deafness?
by PhillyPeppo March 24, 2010
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