a diatribe often launched by those who don't take ecstacy slating those who do because they don't realise that it's all a matter of choice and neither one decision nor the other is superior
that boring fucker just e-jaculated all over me
by Bob December 11, 2003
Seriously? Why the fuck are you even looking up ejaculation on urban dictonary? You're probably 12 and have nothing better to do with your life that look up ejaculation. Go home, you're drunk.
Why the fuck did you even look up ejaculation in the first place?
by loafbloke69 September 30, 2014
to release a white substance from 1's penis
shoot sperm
by chosen 1 July 24, 2003
semen shootin out of a "pe-nis" for a bitch to suck down her tubes
catch this ejaculation hoe! 8====D
by Marcus February 11, 2003
See: Spooge
I spooged like a freight train last night, all over my bitch's face. She is such a spooge monster.
by Spoogie McSpooge August 21, 2003
To verbally exclaim in fright or joy.
He ejaculated right then in class when he heard who won the presidential election.
by Keta September 08, 2003

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