What not to say when you mean the word "eject"
Hot girl: "So what happens in Top Gun?"
Guy: "Goose tries to ejaculate and dies"
Hot girl: "...."
by Radarhut April 10, 2011
a) to utter something rapidly

b) to emit cum from the penis (or clitoris) usually by masturbation
Little Jon ejaculated over his teacher (works for both, ha ha...im so bored)
by Tha JermiTT! June 27, 2004
(Yorkshire) Greeting to husband on delayed return from t'mill.
Jill: Ejaculate!
Jack: Yea, sorry 'bout that luv, I 'ad to stop by t' local chippie.
by Cobaltmotari July 18, 2010
1. When you're so aroused that you squirt out semen.
2. The act that separates boys from men.
"Oh man, I just ejaculated on my gf's pussy"
by SwaggyGUpInDisHouse July 03, 2015
The end product of ejaculation.
After plenty of fun and games (wink wink, say no more) the male genetalia had already produced a multitude of ejaculate on the female partners face.
by Headladn June 28, 2014
To cum
Our Girlfriend And Me Had A Fun Time Last Night So We Went Home We Stripped And I Ejaculated All Over Her. It Was The Most Fun EVER!
by Obongo199 February 27, 2009
to throw out:
1. parastaltic emptying of the seminal vesicles and ejection of seminal fluid;
2.a forceful verbal reaction
"It is better to ejacu-late than never, Jack ejaculated."
by J E Walker April 28, 2003

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