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Coolest person in the world. Hands down.
Yo, There's Eisha! I wish I was as cool as her....
by Mhm:) December 04, 2010
The suffix to the name of any common black female with an attitude. The bastardization of this name is limitless and is the butt of many jokes.

Other variations include: -aisha, -esha, -iesha, -isha
Clerk 1: Shakan-eisha to the front desk please. Shakan-eisha. Will a Shakaneisha Konkeisha El Dorado Moneisha come to the front desk please. Your baby daddies are here. All 15 of them.


Teacher: Alright class, it's time for attendance! Please say "Here" if you are present today.

"Petroleumeisha" - Yeah!

"Marqueeisha" - Sup!

"Vulcaneisha" - Whattup!

"Quantumeisha" - Holla!
by Qbertandernie April 21, 2011
1)n. another random idiot in the crowd 2)n. guy often mistaken for a girl because of name
That guy with the hair
by Ebo0 November 14, 2003

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