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1. German for "One Stone".

2. The last name of the most brilliant man of the 20th century.
1. Ich habe eine Stein. (What I wanted to say was 'Ich habe ein Stein' but German grammar says that 'Stein' is feminine.)

2. Hey Bill, you ever heard of THE MAN called on the streets as Einstein, yo?
by 3VegasBerger January 05, 2012
6 1
The Einstein is a small gap or crevice in someone's hair. Its a bit like the part of a slot machine where you insert a coin.

The Einstein reveals the shiny, unpleasant forehead, and should always be fixed immediately.
"Ah Jason, I see you have an Einstein going on there."

"You should probably fix that Einstein there champ."
by Zafo May 12, 2014
4 0
A small crevice or gap in someone's fringe. Often an unpleasant looking thing, starts at the side of the forehead.
"Oh look Jason has an Einstein."

"You should really fix that Einstein."
by The Einstein May 12, 2014
3 0
When one has their fringe pushed to the side, revealing their shiny, greasy forehead.
"Oh hey, look, Josh has an Einstein."

"Get rid of that Einstein."
by vaxo May 12, 2014
3 0
Someone who is a complete idiot and cannot grasp the obvious.
Its a NEWSPAPER, Einstein!!!!
by flippytale January 13, 2004
68 65
A german who posseses great wisdom and incredible bounts of sexiness . he also rips his school pants and makes them into shorts on the odd occasion or two. Nonetheless a sexy beast wanted by all and who cannot be accessed by crane because all cranes are too small to deal with his beautiful physical and metaphysical entirety.
by radical1234 November 08, 2011
4 2
A girl who gives great head.
That girl is an Einstein.

That girl gives a wicked Einstein.

(Einstein had great head. Girl gives great head.)
by J Lo Lo October 23, 2010
6 5