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When a persons forhead is double that of a normal forehead - an Eighthead.
Look at the size of that bastards Eighthead - what an ugly twat.
by kingmaster007 August 10, 2011
A huge forehead, often twice the size of normal foreheads.
Joe: Ahhh! I'm being blinded by the sun's reflection off of Adam's huge, shiny forehead!
Lou: That's not a forehead, that's an eighthead!
by Steamer July 25, 2005
A giant forehead. Ergo, two foreheads would equal eight.
Mena Suvari has an eight head.
by Eat-Me March 13, 2003
When a person has an extremely large forehead, and can only cover it with eight fingers. When as a normal person only uses four (fore).
Damn! Heathers got an eighthead.
by hahalmaowootwoot August 10, 2009