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When a persons forhead is double that of a normal forehead - an Eighthead.
Look at the size of that bastards Eighthead - what an ugly twat.
by kingmaster007 August 10, 2011
A person who is so unfortunately ugly; they appear to have spent a whole week, none stop, smashing their face against a fridge to create the full mangled look. For an added feature, the same monster can sometimes complete their metamorphasis by kissing a hot iron.
Tony: Hey Tez, i think we should get the fuck out of here, theres a right beast approaching!

Tez: Don't worry Tony, it's just Vanessa, She's a fridge headbutter!

Tony: All the same mate - I'd rather leave before this ugly bitch takes us hostage.
by Kingmaster007 August 17, 2011

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