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A Toyota Trueno with an AE86 engine. Made famous by Takumi "Tak" Fujiwara, the main character of Initial D.
Street Racer 1: So, who won the battle? The RX-7 or the Eight-Six?
street Racer 2: The Eight-Six. That's 100 yen you owe me, buddy.
by Macavity September 20, 2004
To be out of something and to disregard it existed.
The cook told the waitress to eighty-six the special.
by Daphnee Pinkerton April 28, 2005
Toyota Corolla GTS known as the ae86 or Eight Six, hachi roku, trueno, sprinter, levin etc. which is very popular among the drift crowd.
I drifted my Eight Six down the touge
by Myrone August 27, 2007
Used to describe a toyota corolla between the years of 1984-1987 becuase the chassis is a AE86 much like a 1986-1992 rx7 being refered to as a FC3S or a 1989-1993 240sx being refered to as a S13.
That's one clean eight-six. Sound's like a 4 AG to me.
by helpme March 01, 2005
Lift-back and coupe models of the popular Toyota Corolla (SR-5 and GT-S) sold between 1984 and 1987 in North America. The sporty lift-back and coupe model Corollas of this generation retained the floorpan and FR configuration of the previous generation, while the more conventional sedans and wagons moved on to an all new FWD platform. The term 'Eightsix' stemmed from the chassis code stamped on the firewall; AE86.

While somewhat dated, the Eightsix still has a loyal following in motorsport circles due to it’s light weight rear wheel drive layout, and it's responsive, high-revving engine.
Jim just bought himself another Eightsix, but I think he is going to part it out.
by Sketch October 14, 2004
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