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Pretty damn respectable length.
That dude's johnson must be eight inches long.
by Cory Chapman May 12, 2008
1) Size of a large penis.

2) Size penis that most porn stars have give or take a few centimeters.
"Dude, I made her gag on eight inches last night!"
by Damon June 17, 2004
An imprecise unit of length. When used by a man describing the length of his penis, it means somewhere between six-and-a-half and seven-and-a-half inches.
Rico said he had eight inches, but you'd have to be generous to say six-and-three-quarters.
by atemperman January 24, 2004
An erect penis length that about one out of fifty men has, but about one out of ten claims.
Q: What's a Gay Eight?

A: Six inches.

Q: OK, so what's a genuine eight inches?

A: No one I know (sighs).

by al-in-chgo May 15, 2010