ridiculous to an extraordinary degree..(usually used to describe something that looks or is bad)
Your hair looks egrerious
by Ashley April 09, 2005
Top Definition
Adjective, meaning conspicuously and outrageously bad.
Types of egregious things vary from a "gross injustice" to an "egregious ass" to a "fragrant violation of human rights."
Ex. Conversation

Alex: Your breath is egregious.

Jack: Huh? You can't use hard words like that, you know I never went to college.
by Fryen Pan December 26, 2009
Conspicuously offensive. The only definition there is.
Jeez Louise, that genocide in Darfur sure is egregious to those of us who respect human rights.
by Chris Caesar May 30, 2005
SAT word to criticize poor officiating.
That call was egregious!
by BenJoviUSA March 31, 2014
A word used by the Social Justice Warriors of Tumblr to express their shock when they want to confuse and talk down to us shitlords. Egregious is typically followed by the term "Patriarchy" or "Rape Culture".
"Uhh don't you know about the egregious state of society? We're obviously living in a patriarchy you shitlord"

"Debrah I just asked for the time"
by HolyshitIfuckinghateTumblr June 08, 2015
blatant; flagrant; obvious
It was an egregious mistake to bring Caroline Davis into the world.
by jewble January 03, 2011
something what is related to EGGS (men)
Your egregious thoughts disturb me, my sweetheart (= she wants to fuck but he must work)
by ArmixZ October 06, 2004
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