- extremely new; fresh; young;
- a very young girl (chick) who is not sexually developed;
- a very young girl who has just begun the very first stage of puberty.
You can't date her, she's too eggy for you! You shouldn't even be looking at her, you're a senior!
by Whats_In_It_For_Me March 12, 2012
1) A feeling of cozy, lovely, procreative joy.

2) When a woman feels really lovely about something, so lovely that it inspires her belly to be so happy that her ovaries are smiling.

3) When a woman feels the yummy life force emanating from her belly, like a purring cat.
OMG he is sooo hot, I got all eggy and kept talking about babies the whole night!
by Madam Flawless July 04, 2012
An insulting term meant to describe someone of Arabic decent, in a lot of cases someone Egyptian, particularly in an online game.

In Conquer Online, where a particularly large portion of players happen to be of Egyptian descent, players often call someone an eggy if they are trying to constantly bargain the price of an item on the market or someone who poisons other players for fun then runs (rather, jumps) away.

It can also be used to someone who constantly bargains, trying to get items for ridiculously low prices (may even try to scam other players in that), and/or is a noob. Eggys are also known for trying to buy other players' items or pretend they are interested so they can try stealing your items.
It can also be used to describe someone who is simply annoying and is a noob.
"Shut up, you stupid eggy. I'm not selling my equipment, so go away."
"You are just a stupid eggy. Go back to Egypt!"
by rainprincess64 October 29, 2011
An instructor at the Shaolin Kungfu place who shaves his head occassionally pretend to be a monk. May be immature and a crybaby. Will sit in a corner and stare when angry. Former colleagues include PP and a certain little dude.
Student A: OMG. I think Eggy is really pissed today. D:

Student B: Oh no! He's looking this way!

by theDynamicDual August 12, 2011
When someone feels like egg they have done something really dumb and stupid
Tim asked out a fugly boy, not realising that he had people called out EGGY! when they went past him
by Sensored7 March 03, 2011
when you want to say something is tokhmi, like in farsi, but you'd rather not say it in front of persian elders, you use the word eggy to get the meaning across, without having to use the actual term and get in trouble with your parents.
haha we just came back from being down 6 hands to 2 and beat you guys in hokm, kheyli eggy bordeem :)
by eggyroom January 22, 2010
A fart that smells wrank
"Man! Who's dropped an eggy?! That is reisty!"
by No Cola December 15, 2003

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