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Polite/lazy texting way to say "fuck it". Now used in everday language in place of cursing
Dude1: Don't you have homework to do? Dude2: Eff it, I'll do it later.
by Xero _ Manifest January 17, 2011
A contraction of f*** it most commonly used out of boredom of something, or anger. The f*** is cencored to just "F" while "it" is left at the end. Together "F" and "it" make "f-it" and that becomes "effit".
Guy 1: Gaaaaaaaah

Guy 2: OMG RU OK?

Guy 1: I'v lost over 9000 lives manray surving in SMG... ya know what... effit.

Guy 2: Don't worry I'll do this level for you.

Guy 3: Ug! I't been 2 hours... effit I'm going upstairs
by Creeper Jones June 07, 2010
A disorder defined by lack of interest, day dreaming, persistant instant messaging of colleagues and compulsive social networking caused either by boredom or being way in over your head with assigned duties.

Generally a contraction for f*** it.
Editing these 500 KB articles has pushed me to have the effits.
by M. Moriarty May 17, 2010
“Fuh-kit” (verb) phrase or expression. Typically used without mothers approval.
"Some times you just gotta say Effit"
by Effit Tees- February 11, 2014
Also known as an ‘eafallopian tube’
A word used by one’s uncle referring to ‘easy bitches’, that is, women that are easy to have sex with.
Paris Hilton is such an effit
by spoken_deity September 04, 2008
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