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A person who has liked a particularly funny (and large) Facebook page (almost a mini community) named "Engraved Paint - A New Amusing Picture Every Day"

Only ever preceded by the word "Sexy", "sexiest" or other derivatives of those words.
Them sexy eepers have posted some awesome pictures of Barrack and Unicorns
by LiamGT June 16, 2011
a hairless little troll that causes havoc on IRC
That eeper cloned my nic again.
by morweht May 04, 2003
Newborn pet rats. Commonly used amongst people who love, breed, or rescue fancy rats. A term of endearment, unlike the pejorative pinky, which generally refers to a baby rodent destined to be fed to a reptile.
Snowy had 14 little eepers last night and they are all pink-eyed whites.
by theotherwoodrat February 08, 2011
an item you see that you have absolutely no idea what it is, what is does or what it is for.
She has lots of eepers in her kitchen drawers
by Alaska Dave October 07, 2008
Tiny baby kitten. For the sound it makes.
I just got a new eeper. It's so cute!
by rhondas56 February 03, 2009

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