An oral sex act that requires a man to eat out a woman while she is on the rag thus leaving traces of blood around his orifice like a vampire.
"Dude, did someone just punch you in the mouth?"

"Naw man, girl's on her period, and I just Edward Cullen'd the shit out of her."
by IMAFATMcBob February 21, 2010
A sparkly vampire from the Twilight series who falls in love with Bella Swan.
Jacob Black is better than Edward Cullen.
by ewalk316 December 01, 2009
Edward Cullen the 107 year old virgin who sneeks into girls rooms at night to watch them sleep and could probaly being curing cancer but insaid goes to High School over and over agian. He calls himself a vampire although he lives in a forest and doesnt eat people and he sparkles so hes is most likley a faerie.
Bitch dont need no Example to know Edward Cullen is a Faerie.
by Fruityxnarry July 18, 2013
A freak that sneaks into you your room to watch you sleep, and finds it amuzing. He can't breath while being with you beacause of your stink. He may, or may not, sparkle a glittery colour all over his body.
Ex 1
M: "He's such an Edward Cullen!"
K:"What!?! He snuck in your room again?"
Ex 2
J:"Did you see that?! Mark is such an Edward Cullen!!!
F:"Why's that?"
J:" ' Cause when Katy passed by him, he held his nouse"
by MonkeyFistDudette April 13, 2011
A retarded homosexual so-called vampire who likes to feast on the entrails of little 12 year old virgin girls, then force feeds them his 'home-made" vampire shit. He is most likely to be found in the habitats of cold peninsula's located in China and North India. This homosexual vampire also likes to sneak into 5 year old boys rooms every night and rips of their undergrown penises and testiciles which he makes his special vampire 5 course meal "vampicles with sauce" (The sauce being the blood of a heterosexual male.)
Benefit fraud mother with 6 kids:
OMG have you read in The Times it says that another 5 year old boy has been raped and 5 12 year old girls who were having a sleepover were gagged and forced to what was thought to be the liver of a butch lesbian!

Man with job: STFU bitch how did you even afford the times newspaper besides if anyone had done that it would've been Edward Cullen now GTFO and make me a sandwich you japs eye.

A popular character according to many pubelescent teenage girls and boys, and including the rare heterosexual male aswell.
by Chris2k10 August 02, 2010
The most beautiful, seductive, mesmerizing, phenomenal fictional character in history. He sets the bar for all boyfriends.
His skin is like marble, cold and smooth.
His voice is live velvet, soft and seductive.
His face is immaculate, like the sun, moon, and stars.

He makes you want to be a better person.
Girl: My boyfriend is just like Edward Cullen. He's amazing!!
Guy: I love you.
by TwiLover November 27, 2011
A 108 year old virgin.
Dude, my English teacher is a total Edward Cullen
by stephmeyer July 30, 2011

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