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Edouard- a very unusual speeling of the classic name Edward or edwardo. Commonly used in france as they are crazy and a very much obsessed with sports. He can also be associated with smoking and drinking.
Dude 1:Yo who´s that guy that looks high?
Dude 2: Dont know, ummm probably Edouard
by daman95 March 31, 2009
French Guy who acts quite gay but is actually straight.
Woah Edouard just grabbed that guys ass, yet he has a girlfriend
by Sain1982 February 08, 2007
guy with a small cock but a vey big heart. very charming indeed. often French, they are often called homosexuals by their pairs.
Wow, this Is so edouard. Ewwww.
by penis4321 January 26, 2015
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