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A baryonyx-like dinosaur which has Ed Crankshaft's head is almost always seen in a Toledo Mudhens uniform: cleat sneakers, red cap, and all. Often works as a coach or teacher of younger dinosaurs. Kid dinosaurs look up to the Edonyx almost as if he were their grandad. When you see him don't run away because a former dinoball player is coming your way!
Edonyx: Hello, class. I'll be your dinosaur school teacher this year. I'm the Edonyx, and I eat Cream of Crankshaft.

Nelsonasaurus: Well, I'm the Nelsonasaurus, and this here is my grandma, the Opalsaurus Rex. What are we going to learn today, Mr. Edonyx?

Edonyx: I'm going to teach you how to build a bonfire. My friend, Mr. Keesterman, was kind enough to lend us some of his mailbox posts. Now, all we do is pack ferns and dry brush all around the wood or anything else that will burn. You make it high enough so that the flames will reach high into the air. Its easy to build a bonfire! I bet all the other dinosaur grandparents will like it. I brought some marshmellows for us to eat later.

Nelsonasaurus: Sweet! Would you play dinoball with us later?

Edonyx: Sure, I used to play dinoball for the Toledo Troodons. Sweet! Wounding teeth, heavy claws - a ball could never pass our jaws.

Nelsonasaurus: Good one! I'm really glad this is dinosaur school. I love it!

Edonyx: I knew you would. Hey, lets go get some warm up stretches going. This bonfire must have tuckered you out. If you're gonna play dinoball you're going to need limber claws.

O-Rex: Ok, sweeties. I'll see you on the field. I'll bring that cocoa butter and honey lotion you both like. You don't want dry scales!

Edonyx: Nice! This is going to be sweet! The heavy claw and the wounding tooth - we're Toledo Troodons and that's the truth!!!
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 03, 2011
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