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A dinosaur that looks very similar to a T Rex but also has Opal Crankshaft's head. Its also known as the Opalsaurs Rex, or simply the O Rex. They often wear sneakers and always have glasses. Unlike T Rexes, the O Rex is cute and cuddly. She loves hugging on her grandchildren.
Nelson: Hey Roscoe, let's read my dinosaur book. I bet you're going to love it. There are some cute dinosaurs in here.

Roscoe: (barking at Nelson) Woof. This is going to be fun! I bet we'll see an Opalsaurus.

Nelson: Ok. (He begins to read)

Opal: (Warm California Sun playing on her headphones) Here comes the Opalsaurus! Look out now! She's coming to get you! (singing) She's out here having fun in that warm Jurassic sun! ROAR!

Nelson: (screaming, making Roscoe jump) Why did you do that? You scared me!

Opal: Sorry, honey. I was only doing my aerobics, pretending to be a dinosaur. You know, the O Rex wouldn't hurt you! I'm your grandma for crying out loud.

Nelson: (laughing) Weird. I never knew you you would make a good dinosaur.

Opal: There's tons of grandma dinosaurs. The Opalsaurus is just one of them. And they love their grandkids!! You know what time it is now? How about if old O Rex gives you a rub down. You know, a massage? How would that be?

Nelson: Great! You sure make a great dinosaur! If you're the O Rex, I'm the Nelsonasaurus.

Opal: Well, ok, let's get to work! (starts singing again) We'll be out here having fun, in this warm Sparks, Nevada sun! (saying it twice).
by Dusty's Baby Powder April 01, 2011

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