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A shy girl that is very smart and pretty.She can be a shiksha,but who knows because names don't describe a person.When you get to know her she will start opening up and talk more to you.She's honest with most of the things you say,but if you get on her nerves she'll ignore you and pretend you are not there.If she's crushing you probably can't tell because she hides the feelings very well.Tends to look mad or sad when tired,but really is probably feeling something else.Will read the hell out of people.She knows when you're staring and can be a shiksha.
Edna is very trustworthy.
by mint sugar April 09, 2015
an extremely horney chick who likes to choke on big dick. extremely ticklish with a great sence of humor knows spanish very well and will be great for help on a spanish class. she has awesome sunglasses, and hangs out at town square a lot!
Dayuuum! look at the way she does that man! that's totally an edna. ;)
by shitsandgiggles169 June 13, 2010
Some beleave this is a term thats has to do with a young women looking like she is much older than she is but it is not. it is just a name and a name can not describe what a person is like even if all the people you know with a specific name are all similar it doesnt mean everyone one is like that.
Not all people with the name edna are the same
by sick-of-losers June 28, 2009
Highly skilled at sliding hookers. Classified as an expert in the field of okies. Professional chef with the ability to make possum taste like chicken.
I was all Edna in the kitchen last night.
by Belinda not Melinda May 26, 2010
a slang term for that cranky old woman on your know the one whenever you walk by her house she gives you the evil eye, or when you play sports and something lands on her yard she takes it...theres one on every block
god damn, whens edna gonna die?
Camel toe or flapper
Did you that edna?

Hell yeah, her shorts are so tight I can see her religion.
by MoFo January 11, 2005
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