The City of Champions - We've won 5 Stanley's and 13 Grey Cups (in the past...) Yes, this slogan is outdated. We all get it, BUT have too much pride in our sports teams to take this label away from our city.
We have West Edmonton Mall - the largest mall - and although it could use some sprucing up, it has been under some construction and is finally starting to get some decent shops.
During the winter there is prettymuch NOTHING to do in this city. It's FREEZING and the nightlife sucks BUT the people are genuinely warm and you can usually find a pub with cheap beer and wings, or an ODR open somewhere.
During the summer is when you can appreciate the city and it is no longer 'Deadmonton' or 'Ed'monotone'. While the summer is short, is is jam packed full of festivals such as the Fringe, Taste of Edmonton, Capital Ex (K-Days), Folk Fest (one of the best folk music festivals in N.America), Heritage Days, etc... You can always find something to do - even walking in the beautiful river valley, etc...
I have read all the posts on here dissing Edmonton, dissing Calgary, etc.. While I was raised in Edmonton and have always learned we're superior to Calgary, I feel no need to bash other cities - it doesn't make Edmonton any better. Edmonton ISN'T the greatest city in the world... but it is a damn good place to grow up. If you're concerned about the violence and gangs... then don't be... unless you roll with that sort of crowd, then you will be safe.
You're from Edmonton?!? Where's that?

In Alberta, Canada. There's not much to do there, and I won't live there again, but it is definitely a nice place to be FROM :)
by EblouissantDevoshka May 26, 2011
Top Definition
A city with about a million people, quite nice. Capital of Alberta. Has the most park land on average than any city in the world. Unlike our cocky counterpart to the south Calgary we do not think we are the best city in the world, or compare ourselves with toronto or vancover. Great sports teams, nice people, moderately nice city. Can be a very nice place to live and grow up.
assclown calgarian: "we have the best city in the world"
edmontonian: " we dont have the best city in the world, but i like it here"
by pupsup April 02, 2008
A north London suburb. Also shorthand for "The Death Of The Soul"
I'd rather drown myself in a bucket or sick than live in Edmonton
by Foul Ole Ron October 28, 2003
An area of North London, posher than Tottenham but more down market than Enfield. Home to the ugliests shopping centre in the world.
My aunty Sylvie lives in Edmonton, god help her.
by black flag June 02, 2004
Grim, depressing, crime ridden area of North London. Enfield Boroughs most dangerous place
person 1: I'm going into Edmonton

Person 2: Have you got your bullet-proof vest?
by n18 ruude boi April 28, 2005
The Capital City of Alberta it does have some issues, but it is WAY WAY WAY better than Calgary. Sports teams include the Oilers, Eskimos, Cracker Cats,etc. Has West Edmonton Mall. Riverbend od the rich area, some parts of the city are kinda bad to go to. bad infrastucture, poor planning. Mayor is currently Steven Mandel.
Go oilers!!! WOOT EDMONTON OILERS!!!! We should have won the Stanly Cup. Oh well, we will get the grey Cup this year. knock on wood.
by coombsy_riley July 02, 2006
Capital city of Alberta, Canada. Has roughly one million people. Weather is quite weird.

May be known as 'Homicide City' for its huge murder percent. Also known for the worst hockey team.
Person 1 : Wow, Edmonton's weather is really wonky, today.

Person 2 : You crazy? It's wonky everyday. Maybe the wonkiness drives people crazy so they end up murdering people, thus our homicide rates.

Person 3 : How cruel... The only thing murdered in Edmonton is their hockey team.
by xkimmiiz August 20, 2011
very cool city, less sluts than calgary, but the "city of champions" thing is old and dumb. but a nice university, lots of scientific types, etc., and better clubs than calgary.
yo i'm going to see planet of the drums in edmonton this weekend, cause if i go to the one in calgary, i know i'll get in a fight with some dumbass drunk slut like i always do.
by teevee June 09, 2003
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