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Such an amazing friend. He's really confusing at times and hard to understand, but once you get to know the real him you'll understand. He's like a big brother to everyone and is the therapist of the group. But even the guy that helps out the most needs help of his own.
Edgar helped me get over the guy who broke my heart, he's a really good friend.
by his bestiee April 26, 2009
nice guy. great friend.wont tell your worthy.funny very odd at to be a big brother.over protective.
when my brother saw me talking to a hot guy he went totaly edgar on his a**.
by kathywashere April 09, 2009
the best fucking dude alive!! He is the Kelly Slater of pussy juice wave riding, he'll let you borrow money when you need it! The type of person who wont do you dirty. A clean awesome friend to have.
guy: "Dude, if your name was edgar and i was a chick, i would totally bounce on your cock!"

guy 2: "I know!"
by western vagina February 04, 2010
The name you want to say all day! A sweet genuinely caring guy! He just wants the best for you and will do all in his power to make it happen. A go getter! He's the best boyfriend and such a honestly beautiful person. He's super hot and sexy and will be competive till the day he's in a wheelchair! He's the number player on the football feild and in the heart! He treats his girlfriend like a queen and will always be my true love! I love you!
Edgar is My boyfriend, a tin solider, prince in all your fairy tails, a hero, the love of my life
Sweeet guy... Tall... very very tall! Most likly to be a mexican! Acts very mean to some, but has a heart of sweet little doggy... He is truly a teady bear! Sensitive? kinda... tough? some what! He is fun to be around!
if edgar was my freind or boyfreind he would be a keeper.
by poutygrl... (the grlfreind) July 04, 2010
The best boyfriend in the world,an amazing kisser,a gentleman,but a times he can be rude,say mean things etc.but overall amazing boyfriend and edgar's usually go for mexicans,whites.
bestfriend:who are you dating?
you:this amazing guy named edgar
(edgar walks up pick you up and kisses you)
by Mexicana210 August 02, 2012
Pagan god in the shady country of Argentina. Most easily recognizable by it's huge (read: hypnotic) smile, and his devilish hugs which can convert even the most dedicated catholic into a pagan.
Edgar's known powers are to bake pie, and crush bananas with the power of a fork at minus 8 forkings per hour. His avatar is only known as 'Edgar de Chanes' (Literally: Edgar of Chans)

His number one enemy is sleep. Due to future-vision gained after watching every Cable channel on the Argentinean TV for 5 months, he has been, so far, able to avoid sleep in the last half year.
Edgar: "Hmmhhuu"
Petinato: "NOOO..!"
Then Edgar proceeds to hug Petinato.
Edgar: "Hmmmhuu"
by Brian Neil Fraser May 10, 2006
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