Edgar is a famous part of Achievement City (achievement hunters Minecraft world) where he is inside edgars house and in encased in glass.
Micheal: That's not the real Edgar

by that annoying brother April 09, 2014
He's such an amazing person. a person that I can't live without. He's always there for me, through the good times and the bad, He likes screamo, rock, and almost everything that I like. There are so many things that I can describe him as, but most of all, you can trust him. let your heart out to him, he'll Always listen to you.
Edgar's a great listener and a great guy
by Tsu-Tsuki November 08, 2011
Sexy, usually very tall Latino with a great personality. Girls love to be on his dick most of the time, fucks about 1 in every 4 girls he meets, usually within 2-3 weeks of knowing them. Great to get a long with. Doesn't like to be fucked around with. Great street fighter with a good hook, will knock a nigga out when necessary. Skinny nigga but his dick long, really long. Gets in trouble alot. But doesn't give two fucks. Has a great love for his friends, family and girlfriend.
Yo, you see that dude Edgar?

Yea. He fucked my girl last week bro.
by Zombie Pussy Juice November 29, 2014
he is the nicest guy in the entire world and always has a joke to tell or a smile on his face. It is very rare that he will not be smiling. Very good looking and a nice thing to look at while working with him.
"Hey did you see that guy just clock in?"
"oh yeah thats edgar"
"dang he has a nice smile and a body to match!!"
by gymbum August 23, 2011
very handsome & tall. FUN. sarcasm is his second language. Loves going to sonic on his free time. Makes everyone laugh. Farts on his girlfriend in his spare time. grouchy when he's sleepy. Takes long showers. Can't beat his gf in some baseball game. Loves his family dearly. Talks in a baby voice occasionally. Has a love/hate relationship with his new cap. bought his gf some badass sandals she loves dearly. Always on his phone. Colgate smile. Mood swings. Always wants to eat at texas roadhouse. Express clothes. In love but hates to admit it. Loves to cuddle. he's my bro bro. Brat.
Edgar is amazing
by bro bro <3 August 12, 2011
The sweetest person you will ever meet. He's so caring and he remembers the little things. He's attractive, no doubt, and he has a great sense of humor. Edgar is the most amazing person on Earth. And I love him so much.
Edgar is bæ af
by Kellybean ❤ March 08, 2015
old german and norse name, from ed: rich, lucky, and gar: a spear
Edgar Hoover (January 1, 1895 – May 2, 1972) was the first Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of the United States
by grebtrah October 08, 2013

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