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edelman (noun)
*From the German root edel- noble

1. a thing that is dignified and bold, unwavering of effrontery, pertaining to nobility and nobilty-like qualities
2. naturally decorus in nature, born with propriety
1.) The Prime Minister had heard enough, giving his finger to the United States President, proving himself once again, an edelman of a man.
2.) "Whether it was the wine, the roaring fireplace, or the grand bedroom that accomodated these household guests, our debutante found his edelman delicate and proper, and was treated best of the women that evening."
by Jonathan Edelman December 01, 2004
edelman = to resort to violence when someone buys the same thing as you, to be overly critical...outloud
OMG! i bought the same shoes as her and she pulled an edelman on me!
by kllanz November 30, 2006

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