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Ginger haired jesus
Ed Sheeran is amazing. Period.
by aek00 May 12, 2013
And on the seventh day, Ed Sheeran made gingers sexy. And all was well in the world.
by WordSmithsies February 10, 2012
An absolutely amazing singer/songwriter from Suffolk, he's beautiful and has the most incredible voice, plus he's so sweet and funny. Everyone hypes because he's ginger, which really should make no difference to peoples views.
Ed Sheeran's album was at UK number 1 within three days of release.
by iloveed October 15, 2011
Proper noun. Ed Sheeran is an english singer, and is thought to be a direct descendant of Jesus, or is thought to in fact to be Jesus himself.

That aside, it is confirmed that he is indeed sex incarnate, what with his ginger hair and voice like velvet.

Upon listening to his music, your ears will be blessed and you shall forever have good taste in music.
"May Ed Sheeran be with you."
"And also with you."

"In the name of the father, the son, Ed Sheeran, and the holy spirit, Amen."
by edsheeran/jesus August 07, 2012
He's bringing ginger back. He's up and coming like he's fucking in an elevator.

If you haven't heard of this angel, please do google him.

new studies show that ed sheeran isn't human. he is actually made up of 10% ginger, 30% sexy, 25% perfection, 25% talent, and 10% adorableness.
ed sheeran doesn't need an example.
by stuart camp September 27, 2012
Ed Sheeran means An awesome singer who's songs are EPIC and touch people's hearts! He is so down to earth and a super cute ginger! Everyone loves him and He's the best singer
Person 1:Hey have you heard Ed Sheeran's New song?
Person 2: Who's Ed Sheeran?
Person 1: Dude Jhuss Forget your life
by IceCreamMonkey February 15, 2012
a redheaded singer with a guitar<3
by edslittlebird July 23, 2013
he's a british ginger who will seduce you with his way of singing, the way he plays his guitar and his sick beats he makes on his loop station. his songs will make you cry but that's okay because he's super great and attractive that's all that matters
ed sheeran will change your life bye
by stevish wonder September 09, 2014