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A group of guys at a bar or club, all wearing Ed Hardy shirts, thought to be there getting clues to solve a crime/mystery.
(A play on words based on the Hardy Boys novels).

Ed Hardy Boyz (with a z) can be used to describe two guys at a bar or club, both wearing Ed Hardy shirts, thought to be looking for guys to wrestle for a tag team belt (based on the Hardy Boyz of WWE). You should beware of Ed Hardy Boyz around tables or ladders.
"Man look at those Ed Hardy Boys harassing that waitress, they must be interrogating her for clues."
"Uh-oh, let's stay away from those Ed Hardy Boyz, I don't want to get into a TLC (tables, ladders, and chairs) match at this bar, at least while they're playing my song."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
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