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Econo-tainment. Its about entertaining in post-recession America. Any form of less-expensive entertaining that you do as a result of the recession. So you don't throw a dinner party: you throw a pot-luck! Or you invite people over to play scrabble and drink a couple of bottles of good wine. OR you rent a video instead of going out to the movies. Or you eat out at a less-expensive restaurant, or you have friday-after-work drinks at someone's home rather than hitting a that is if you still have a job.
For tonight's Econotainment I've made nachos. You bring the beer, and we'll all play pictionary! Yeah!

Darling, Econotainment is so simple: we skip the caviar and serve everyone chicken instead of that wild-caught Salmon.
by Janey-waney April 17, 2009
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