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Another name for Swine Flu. The word is derived from the fact that this particular strain of flu is the H1N1 strain, which can be read hini, or "Heinie."

Elements in the Federal Government do not want the illness identified as Swine Flu, so this is put forward as a substitute.
That guy in the aisle seat is hacking away: I hope it isn't the Heinie Flu.

I've got a hangover, but I'm going to tell HR I might have Heinie Flu 'cause I could use a few days off.
by Twinzilla April 29, 2009
Verb: The act of entertaining in reduced financial circumstances.
I know last year we treated your friends at the restaurant for your birthday, but this year we'll have to split the bill and econotain.

Because we are econotaining, everyone will BYOB and play charades here at my house.

Our first date was econotaining: he took me biking. It was OK...
by Twinzilla April 26, 2009

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