A place in time when all economic structures cease to function, according to the 502nd law of thermoeconomics:

All economic systems tend towards ever greater accumulation of increasingly insubstantial pseudo-scientific jargon; a stake of play that will ultimately result in the violent collapse and subsequent explosion of the econoverse in a molten halo of flaming bullshit.
Adam Smith ... Francis Fukuyama ... Econopocalypse.
by rufflove March 06, 2011
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Economic apocalypse
I can't afford to do anything because of the econopocalypse.
by Metrosexuwell May 11, 2009
A slang word for the financial meltdown caused by the subprime mortgage crisis.
My 401k suffered because of the Econopocalypse.
by GandalfBagship March 19, 2009

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