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–Proper noun 1. a specific moron that plays WoW on the Deathwing Server.

2. any moronic shadow priest that puts on a dress to dance around like a freaking pansy and QQ about his hurt feelings.

3. a specific shadow priest of mediocre skill with mild megalomania and low self confidence that likes to pick fights and cause drama to get attention.

4. a person who lacks the logic to back up his arguments and instead rely's on his faulty quips and completely uncunning wit to try to bully others into a state of incapacitating laughter at his own expense.

5. a Varrinor wannabe. Yes... somehow someone WANTS to be Varrinor...

6. a slanderous term used to refer to someone who exhibits all of the above.
Ex//. Wow, that complete moron on the forums is an Ecliptical. He doesn't even realize it's got nothing to do with the army or the war and everything to do with him being a complete and utter idiot whom everyone on this server hates.
by Toowittytobevarrinor July 27, 2008
Odd: Very strange. Crazy weirrrrd, gottit?
Due to his ecliptical personality, he turned fag and never got any honeyz.
by Umathefurry December 17, 2007

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