A person who rarely smokes that when they smoke, they will be super baked and not speak to you till next time you pick up, the noun "easy" is derived around the fact that they bake easily.
"Johns coming out again"
"Yeah he's such an easy bake oven"
"To right dude"
by captainawesomeicorn November 14, 2012
Top Definition
go to a friend's (or enemy's) house, take a shit in their dryer, and turn on high heat. Let that shit cook for as long as the dryer will let it!
"Motherfucker shit on my house, so I easy bake oven'd his ass"
by mitdoss July 10, 2008
A fusty slut. Fustey being fucking busted (get it?). Her Muffin shop is always open, therefore being easily impregnated. Derivitive of the term "having a bun in the oven"
They usually have no standards.
That bitch is such an easy bake oven, she'll fuck anyone that shows interest.

The man was distraught to find out his wife is an easy bake oven, after the paternity tests.

by Lexi and Nicki July 03, 2006
1. a childs plaything used for the making of "easy made" treats.
2. a popular euphamism for ones glutteous maximus.
3. a device used for the making of ornate desserts.
3. ASS!!!
1. -Dude, my easy bake oven is on the fritz, I've had nothing but ornate milkshakes for days!
-Lay off the laxatives, man.
2. Philip takes it in the easy bake oven.
3. -The door to my easy bake oven is jammed!
-Maybe you should lay off the cheese.
by Kieffer Prestwich December 18, 2008
The process of which one quiffs and then pulls covers over their partner in bed. Similar to the Dutch Oven, but with no flatulence involved. The term "Easy Bake" is a more feminine version of "Dutch" because only women can quiff.
"Dude this chick totally Easy Bake Ovened me in bed. WTF?!?"
by thejellofactory January 18, 2010
A gay little oven designed so small that the cool kids will be able to steal it, further lowering your child's self-esteem.
My Easy Bake Oven fits perfectly in my footlocker, but unfortunately, a gang of rapists from school raided my footlocker and stole it. I am so humiliated.
by Darwin Bradford March 30, 2009
Anal sex. It is all warm and gooey inside and although it looks like fudge it tastes like shit. But just like your childhood, you really really want it.
I got to use Sally's easy bake oven yesterday,
by Amish Pornstar September 07, 2010
When children "dutch oven" their parents after having a bad dream.
That's It! No more pork and beans for Suzy. I'm tired of her having nightmares and stinking us out of our own bed with her blasted Easy Bake Ovens!
by Pinkponcho May 21, 2011
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