A Holiday celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after being killed on the cross for committing no sin
Three days after he was killed he rose again on Easter Sunday.
by Cat1937 November 21, 2012
When your parents take all the leftover Halloween candy and hide it around the house in colorful eggs. When you cant find any, you give up until next year, when you find all the old ones and none of the new ones. Little people believe that a magical rabbit delivers these too you.
Child: Last night, on Easter, my parents told me a magical bunny broke into our house and left a bunch of eggs for me to find. I didn't find a damn thing!

Next year: It happened again! But that furry bastard gave me a bunch of stale ass candy!
by DC334 November 25, 2009
not as good as christmas
jermaine easter, wycombe wanderers
by willamundo February 06, 2008
the day when zombie Jesus comes back to life to pretend to be a bunny who gives out eggs for some reason
"Happy Easter!"
by Zombie Chris April 06, 2010
Zombie Jesus Day.
Happy (Easter) Zombie Jesus Day
by mynameiskate April 10, 2012
Named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Ēostre, one of many Christian holidays that were appropriated from previous so-called "pagan" celebrations. Eostre being a spring goddess of fertility, totems associated with her were rabbits and eggs, symbolizing fertility and rebirth, hence the traditions of the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs.
Didn't you ever wonder why the symbol for Easter (a holiday about a man who died on a cross and was resurrected three days later) is a bunny who delivers colored eggs?
by crazytruthtalkinwoman April 08, 2012
The day Jesus became a zombie and everyone ate candy.
Happy Easter mofo, let's eat jellybeans and praise our zombie lord.
by FATCOWDISEASE April 12, 2011

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