An obvious POS that does nothing good whatsoever for dial-up customers. suck...or do you have Earthlink?
by Jojo May 20, 2004
Top Definition
The WORST ISP there is on the planet, hands down. Should be out of business. Example below will give you an idea as to what kind of morons run the show there.

Me: "Hi, I'm having problems with my connection"
Earthlink Tech man: "I'm very sorry ma'am"
Me: "????"
Earthlink Tech man: "Calling for tech support? You'd have better luck bleeding a stone."
Me: "I've fixed it myself"

On a more positive note..because of their uselessness I've taught myself much.
Earthlink, like HELLO?? McFly wake up.

by Mikeala January 08, 2006
Lousy, bloated ISP that has lousy outsourced technical support from India. Also subject to busy signals and outages and other problems on dial-up. Earthlink might have once been above AOL and MSN but the quality of their service and support is slipping fast.
After a half-hour on the phone, and survivng the guilt-trip expert who tried to convince me otherwise, I was able to dump Earthlink and switch to a faster local ISP that doesn't outsource it's support to people who don't understand English. I hope they don't keep billing me like they did with other people who cancelled.
by Alpha May 21, 2004
Best ISP out there. I Get 5.1mbits down and 384kbps up for $43 a month including everything. Have been with them for over a year and no problems. You losers with dial-up should wake up to the year 2005. Of course earthlink dial-up sucks -- all dial-up sucks!
Hey Tommy has Road Runner and he pays almost ten dollars more than Earthlink charges, but the speed is the same. Now why is that?
by Yuri March 31, 2005
the BEST ISP that hovers over those AOL and MSN n00bs

too bad most of those n00bs can't look up
earthlink is heaven; aol is hell.
by cspeye December 26, 2003
The greatest of the ISPs out there.
Earthlink > MSN/AOL
by Nobody August 16, 2003
earthlink's way better than AOL, AOL sucks ass and is losing about 4 Million users each year cause of there crappy ISP. earthlink has pop-up blockers and virus blockers that kick ass unlike AOL who make you do shit yourself.
get earthlink. its way better than crappy AOL.
by GRoVe STReeT 4 LiFE November 28, 2004
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