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A man whose name reflects that everything about him is bigger and/or longer. The extra "e" in his name means he has something extra that no other ordinary man has. Bigger body build, bigger adam's apple, more height, longer/bigger cock, and most importantly, much much more love to give. Because of his uniqueness, he chooses to love only the woman worthy of receiving everything he has and only that one woman.

**An Earl and an Earle are completely different and should not be used interchangeably.**
Woman 1: "That man is totally an Earle."
Woman 2: "How do you know?"
Woman 1: "Well he has more of everything as a person! And I bet that bigger nose is only a hint of something bigger down below."
Woman 2: "Oh I wish he would love me."
by She'sTheOne January 07, 2012
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Someone who is amazing, funny, inspiring, and makes the life of a Sabrina complete.
I love you Earle!
by Sneakybeaver28 October 09, 2011
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are defined by their large and thick penises, and they are one-woman men. They make up for it with their incredible giggle.
Person #1: Did you see that guy?
Person #2: Yeah, he was hung like an Earles!!
by tgirrrl May 12, 2010
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