after blowing a hot, sticky, seminal load in a person's ear, this is the seepage that cums out (pun intended)
After my drum solo, my girlfriend needed a rag and a whole box of q-tips to clean up the ear wax.
by Spaz Out September 11, 2008
Top Definition

Ear Wax is a condensed form of Marijuana extract, like Hashish (Hash). Not as hard as regular Hash, not as runny as oil, and not as soft as butter. Just like wax.
I got a gram of Trainwreck "Ear Wax" last week for $60. That shit is so strong I'm still hit'n a little bit every day.
by Jeffred5 August 08, 2010
A secretion, varying from yellow to dark brown, from modified sweat glands within the ear. Its purpose is to lubricate and protect the delicate skin within the ears. Occasionally a build up of this substance can cause partial deafness, discomfort or pain and may require removal. This can be achieved with a special liquid available from pharmacists, or by syringing the ears with water or vacuum extraction by a qualified medical practitioner.
I've got so much ear wax I can't hear a thing
by Croatalin November 24, 2013
Your ears cumming after listening to sounds they think are good: ie tasteful music, your friend's voice, or Morgan Freeman.
Sally had an abundance of earwax after going to a concert by her favorite band.

After spending time with his girlfriend, Mark always found a deposit of earwax the next day.
by g0nnaflynow April 05, 2010
a horrible yellow sticky substance that comes out your ears.heeee whats all that about
it does'nt smell but if you pick your ear and put it by your cat he goes mad for it (TRAP)
by ruby wax August 04, 2003
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