A guy who goes to parties and uses his eagle eyes to search out younger girls of the age of 14 and pulls them. He is seen drifting around year 10 lockers looking for fresh girls.
SC - Is eagle eye coming tonight?
Boy - yeah hes coming for seconds with you!
by LC Crew January 22, 2009
Top Definition
A man or woman that can spot an attractive person before anyone else. Usually from a distance. Intuitive eyes.
We we at the beach and Gil Eagle Eyed all day long.
It was very impressive.
by Riverboat27 September 21, 2009
1. The eye of an eagle
2. Having such great eyesight that you can see better than 20/20 this is a special ability given to chosen people

3. An all around awesome person, generally a dude

4. Someone who can be counted on and is helpful to a team
I really needed you eagle eyes on that last thing
by The eagle eye January 01, 2012
where a girl cups her hand to make a telescope shape and the boy finishes in her eye. then she makes a bird shape with ehr hands and shouts 'KAWKAW'
girl 1: james and i did an eagle eye yesterday
girl 2: wiked, did you shout KAWKAW
girl 1: course, wouldn't be an eagle eye without it
by srowjif December 18, 2009
Use when you see a hot girl, or boy. It is usually used as a silent code word between friends.
"Eagle eye! Eagle eye!"
"Wow, you are right, that chick is so hot!"
by FrancescaD May 23, 2007
To cheat off someone by looking at their work in a discrete manner.
Yo, that Ashby only got an A because he Eagle Eyed off that girl
by AshbyLvr January 31, 2010
Use when you see a hot girl or boy. It is usually used as a code word between friends to arouse awareness of the presence of a hot/sexy/bangable person.
"Eagle eye! Eagle eye!"
"Wow, you are right, that chick is so hot!"
by FrancescaD May 23, 2007
When you squint your eye and turn your head sideways it looks like the slit of a vagina
Dude, did she show you her Eagle Eye?
by LocoGringo September 01, 2010
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