in golf terms it means early tee time please, usually put next to ur name in a competition because u might want to go somewhere after ur round of golf, have people to meet etc
person1: hey theres this comp on next week, want to play
person2: ok but i would need a etp because i have parents comin over to my house
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) August 25, 2009
Top Definition
Eat The Pussy. Also known as oral sex or cunnilingus. Part of foreplay and a regular part of the weekend.
AJ: Hey Jordan, you ETP this weekend?

Jordan: Yeah and then some.
by ajwangbinga March 09, 2010
Exam Time Panic. When its 1-2 weeks before exams after a semester, the principle will announce over the p.a about ETP. They tell you to study 1-2 weeks before exams come up or else you will experience ETP. When you study couple of days before exams, you'd probabaly start panicing.
"Don't let ETP get to you. Start studying for exams today"
by veronicahh March 20, 2007
Eat Together Pay Separately; When you go for a meal with a bunch of people and pay only for what you've eaten.
I don't mind going on a date with you, however I am a strong believer in the concept of ETPS.
by Tyrannosauras Egypticus September 09, 2015
Estimated Time of Pooping - Used when estimating how long something consumed will be turned into fecal matter. Usually a guessed estimate. Times vary, depending on cooking time, type of food, and how well prepared the food was.
"Oh man....Poorly Cooked Dollar Store Pizza Status: Consumed - ETP: 1 minute."
by Cheap Pizza Buyer August 15, 2009
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