A estimated time of arrival given for a poo. It must be stated at least half an hour in advance of the time.
"Guys, i'm giving it an E.T.A. of 5.15" or "It's 2.30 now, i'll give it a tentative E.T.A. of 3.30"
by Chambopoo September 16, 2009
ETA means "Eat That Ass"... So if you see an exceptionally attractive woman whose ass you would enjoy licking, then you would ETA.
Holy shit dude that chick was so fine, I'd ETA.
by Burnt Reynolds August 17, 2011
A person who is verry verry shy . Shes shy but has a sexy side that comes out . Shes amazing pretty and a greaat freind . Shes a beast in bed and is one ofa kind . She loves doing firsts , cuz she likes trying new things . She thinks shes ugly but everyone thinks shesa hottie . Shez referd to as a "skank" but gets what she wants . She best fits with boys with sexy names like andrew mat chris kyle ben antonio and exotic names . she has a great body and looks hella fine ina bra and panies . italian french english and eouropean boys love her . . shesa beast in bed and you should try her ... also know as estimated time of arival (;
Dammm look at her

shitt she looks lika model

damm lets go halla at hurr

dam shes sucha etaa ma nigaa
by RightHandBabe October 14, 2010
An engine (2.7 liter 6cyl) in BMW cars in the 80's that was designed for getting good mileage and unfortunately making the cars not "ultimate"
Guy 1: Yo check out that Bimmer
Guy 2: Dude, it's got an eta engine and it's really slow
by Bobo6969 April 26, 2007
Estimating time aproximatly.
What's the ETA for the download?
ETA is 12m 14s for this one.
by JennyF13 October 05, 2006
ETA stands for En Taro Adun.

It was coined from the Blizzard game StarCraft. ETA is used to end a game instead of the typical "GG" or "Good Game".
Beginning of game:
Player 1: eta / gl
Player 2: u2

End of game:
Player 1: eta
Player 2: eta
by PROWER April 22, 2004
1) Estimated Time of Arrival
2)Estimated Time of Awesome...because it's awesome
The ETA on those reinforcements is about 12 million days...so...you're gonna die

The ETA is tommorrow at 8pm, when my baby impaling kit arrives
by Boo Radley 1000 May 08, 2006
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