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The Emergency Service Unit of the NYPD. This is the primary tactical unit equivalent to a SWAT team, and used in Special Operations. Emergency Service Units handle rescues, EDP's, suicidal's, and jobs that require specialized service.
Dispatch: "Emergency service Adam 10..."
Dispatch: "Adam respond to a suicidal at 1175 Grand Concourse"
ESU: "10-4"
by TO315B145 May 11, 2007
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The Emergency Service Unit (E.S.U) is the multi-faceted and multi-talented element within municipal, county, or state authority law enforcement agency’s Special Operations command.
by Vp_d January 06, 2012
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Jesus' black, cooler twin who allows you to say his name in vain and in bed. Rock on, Esus.
Thank you Esus, my lord and saviour.
by Jack June 17, 2003
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East Side Undead origanated by a group of gangstas from Brownwood has no discrimination with anything. unless you fuck with them first or come on their territory thinken you can discriminate on their family and friends you better watch out for the spray paint on the wall because when it Spells E.S.U. and you hate them they say for no one in the gang of the undead there faces are shown only little at a time but if you see the masks of colors and design then pray to god it aint your time.....they love the sex, drugs, and the money but when it comes to their ppl they stay true they have no specified colors of any kind but white and black but others known for the masks.........
we aint in a gang we jus playin a game its like chess so finish the rest take the last blow from yo breath and then it comes to take yo deathE.S.U.
by lil b & koolade December 05, 2009
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