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"E"gg "S"ucking "D"og "L"iberal = ESDL
"E"gg "S"ucking "D"og "L"iberal"s" = ESDLs (plural form)

A Liberal Democrat who has the character of a dog who like a thief in the night sneaks into the chicken coop to steal and eat eggs, thus referred to as an Egg Sucking Dog. A worthless Liberal Democrat that always wants to get something for nothing, and believes that everyone who makes money and pays taxes owes them a free ride living.
That person is an ESDL.
That politician has an ESDL mentality.
All Democrats are ESDLs.
That is the most ESDL statement that I have ever heard.
Prime example, MadCOWard Dean the Chairman of the DNC.

by Z-Man September 17, 2005

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