Acronym for "Epic Phail." it means the same as saying "fail," or "epic fail," but just not as cool.
Joe is walking down the hall and randomly faceplants.

Joe's friends all shout: EP!
by Ogre531 April 19, 2010
Extreme Pita - taken from a restaurant where people are expected to take everything to the 'extreme'...hence everything that goes overboard is considered "EP"
"Dude! I just dropped a splattering deuce all over her face!" "MAN that shit is EP!"

or an example of an "EP" style dialogue

"You want ketchup? WE DON'T HAVE KETCHUP NOW GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE" *stabs in the face*
by Aaron Guthridge May 02, 2008
EP = Executive Protection
"Yo, who handled the EP for Trick Daddy when he got his ass whooping at Tootsie's ?
by Unit 200 September 12, 2007
elephant pig. a crazy person who kick his own car which is the ep mobile. he most likely one of the oddest creatures on our earth.
oh my gosh the was such a ep moment!

guys be nice he's ep but and fucking awesome.
by mariababyy November 20, 2007
Stands for Extended Play and is used to describe an album.
I bought an EP cd of my favorite band.
by melissa October 03, 2004
Shortend version of "episode"
"I can't wait for the next ep, why did it have to be a cliffhanger"
by Melbell September 03, 2005
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