short for episode, usually used when talking about tv shows
youtube commenter: which ep is this?
video owner: S1E1 (season 1 episode 1)

I'm gonna wait for the season 10 ep 15 but before that I must watch episode 14 before that...

I'm watching family guy season1 ep 19
Exclusive partner, more commonly known as an EP (pronounced E-P), is the stage in a relationship in which you have full exclusivity with another person, with the intention of pursuing a relationship in the near future. However, this other person is not your boyfriend/girlfriend yet.

Having an EP does not solely signify a physical relationship. It represents the early stages of flirting and past experiences of kissing.
James: "Hey Leslie, are you and Ryan going out?"
Leslie: "Not yet, we are just EP-ing right now."
by Prashant Mehta April 13, 2014
An acronym for Emergency Poop; used in times where it is questionable whether or not one will make it to the bathroom without an accident. Most often characterized by diarrhea or explosive excrement.
Man 1 - "Dude, I got E.P. so bad right now!"

Man 2 - "OH man! I'll pull over right away! Good luck bro!"
by TrocBrunson July 23, 2011
Something a band releases that has a handful of songs on it
My band hasnt made an EP...because we suck
by RetardedGuest September 23, 2010
A shortened version of the word episode
dude! have you seen the latest ep of family guy? i like that part where the dog talks
by bibbleydoodaday April 24, 2010
An archaic term of endearment used by an older male towards a younger one, possibly a derivate amalgam of several multilingual terms.
Get over it, ep - plenty of lasses out there. Your a young lad, ep, time is on your side.

I haven't had me a woman, ep, since Scotland had a king.
by Hobgoblin88 March 29, 2009
Ep is an acronym for experience point, it's also known as exp.
You have 999 ep.
by SmileFIN October 10, 2009

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