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Acronym for "Essence Of Other Bitch". Used to express the scent which lingers on you after you have been with a woman who is not your regular girl. This essence may be in the form of perfume or any other bodily fluid still hanging around: sweat, saliva, vaginal secretions, ass, funk, etc. Sometimes it takes several scalding hot showers and time to kill this annoying menace.
(Thought going thru guys head:)
If I go home now, Dolores will know where I have been. Damn. I must hit the gym for a workout and shower to try to get rid of this EOOB that is emanating from my body.
by MTF January 14, 2009
eoob is an internet geek that acts like a choob,noob,froob and a zoob
({-bO0MEzers)))::/ says:
omg what a eoob.
//M\\GregMackz0rz//yo\\ says:
i wouldn't be talking boob.
({-bO0MEzers)))::/ says:
...:(:(:( stfu noob.
by Chasezorz October 06, 2007
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