A Scottish word that junkies usually use to call each other
Eoi Scotty boy got any Eccies?
by Tammy boiii December 29, 2013
Top Definition
Expression Of Interest

Used on forums or websites to see how much interest their topic/ad/advent will get and if it is worth doing or selling.
1. EOI Goldy Road Trip the 25th?
Mark - yeah im keen

2. EOI 2005 XR6 BA $29000
Mark- bit expensive mate
You- yeah mate, just seeing how much its worth
by njk101 November 10, 2009
A SOF2/MOHAA/COD hacking team.

Have made the best hacks for each of those games.

Consists of

.:EOI:.Defc0n10 (CcSoccer881) - C++/OpenGL Coder

Members / Testers

.:EOI:.GrumpySpyGuy - Tester
.:EOI:.TheNatural772 - Tester
.:EOI:.SnipedUrAzz - Tester
.:EOI:.c00ki3-m0nster - Tester
.:EOI:.DarkGunman788 - Tester
.:EOI:.Kyoji - Tester


.:EOI:.Elac - Scripter
.:EOI:.XMD113 - Scripter


.:EOI:.FlameGod - Coder
.:EOI:.Maroone - Coder
.:EOI:.PAS312 - Coder
.:EOI:.Purdue - Coder

Scripters / Coders

.:EOI:.Virussss - Scripter / Coder
.:EOI:.N30 - Coder / Scripter
.:EOI:.Klownterfit - Coder / Scripter
Essence Of Immortality
by Inet September 07, 2003
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